In 2004, one of Amicus' residential houses was destroyed by an arson fire. The house was originally built in the 1900's. This posed many rebuilding challenges due to the plethora of current building requirements. Here are the Amicus' House owner Lori Johnson's comments:

Late on December 5th, 2004, I received a call that our house was burning down. At that time this house was an integral part of the success of my business, my sole income and me and my late husband Richard's dream. I called Tony, the owner of A. Dariano Construction at 11pm that evening. He immediately came over the following morning and assured me that we could rebuild, and that everything would be okay. Tony helped us walk through the initial shock and devastation that we were feeling due to the complete loss of our house, income and dreams. He continued to walk us through the redesign, building department and permitting process. He was an integral part of working with our insurance company to expatiate the rebuild process. At the completion date we were so astounded and pleased with the work that A. Dariano Construction had completed, that we threw a celebration party. Now the house is more beautiful than ever, and I am so proud to show it to my prospective clients and families. I would highly recommend A. Dariano Construction to help you rebuild your dreams!